You want more for your life...

That's the reason you're here…

You're not content with just accepting the 'status quo', that's not you.

You have a idea for yourself – an idea that there's got to be more to than 'this'. You may not know what 'it' is just yet, or you may have it 'clear-cut, exact, you-know-what-you-want' - but either way, you have a restlessness within you because you know where you're currently at, isn't it.

This idea or 'feeling' is of you, experiencing 'more'. More freedom, joy, excitement, adventure... 

It’s an idea that allows you to be, do and have all that you deserve and desire, time to spend with those you love and give back to others, freedom to choose how you're going to feel each day...

You know what I'm talking about?

Some days, when you think about it, you feel like you can absolutely have it and other days, you feel like:


  • You're stuck in a rut and change just doesn't feel possible

  • you have the desire and the knowledge but doubt whether YOU can make it happen

  • you feel like you're a victim to your circumstances

  • maybe you’re not cut out for change and creating your life by design, that others can do it but not you. You think "maybe this is all there is for me".

  • you’re scared about moving forward – (are you making the right decision, are you taking the right action, what if it all goes wrong?!)

  • you’re doing all the work, you've taken the courses, read the books, listened to podcasts, meditated on it, prayed on it... and you're not getting the results you want. Or anywhere near it…and then you question whether you’re taking enough action!

  • Some days you wake up, think about the day ahead and just want to pull your duvet over your head and stay in bed.

I get it. I’ve been there too...and I've spoken to many others that also have. You are NOT alone.

Wanna know something infinitely powerful and amazing? 

That idea, that feeling, the nudge that there's more for you... it’s waiting for you to call it into your reality. 

It’s yours to create. Yes, YOU.

And you don’t have to do it on your own. In fact, there’s way more ease and flow when you learn to lean on the greatest, most powerful support that is available to you.

And that's what I teach in this course.

So, if you’re bored of going through your days with lethargy and numbness. If you're tired of starting different courses, of trying the latest and greatest techniques that didn’t work for you, of listening to podcasts, experts and following ‘secret’s and you're still feeling the same, it’s time to stop. Right now. 

I want you to pause and reflect on the following truth:

You have everything you need within you, right now, to create your desired lifestyle by design.

You. Not ‘everyone else’…YOU.

I know you may not believe that right now…and I also know that somewhere deep down inside you, there is a flicker of knowing that this is possibly true. 

And I want to show you why that flicker is there, what it is and how to unlock this powerful force within you that will show you the way to start creating your heart’s desires intentionally, in my Create your Life by Design - 5 steps to understanding how to consciously create your results.


You will learn:

  • What 'Conscious Creation' is and how to make it work for you

  • How to connect and access your inner 'creator', to get inspired fresh thinking and ideas perfectly aligned to your vision

  • The step by step process to consciously creating your goals – 5* clients, sales results, sell out programmes, a fulfilled career, impact, money, better relationships...whatever it is you desire – and the process of how to bring it into your reality

  • How to identify and address the internal conflicts that stand between you and your greatest success in creating your desired vision;

  • The pitfalls that can occur in the process, so you can become aware of them and move through them without being thrown or stopped by them

  • How to tap into your courage to overcome procrastination and fear of the unknown through understanding more about it and where it comes from

  • The 3 things that kill the creative process


Right now, there’s a secret that’s waiting to be uncovered by you that will free you from everything that’s ever held you back in the past, from creating your lifestyle by design.

A creative process, that is working whether you know it or not, are aware of it or not or even whether you believe it or not.

One that you're using right now to give you your existing results.


It’s time to discover this process, become conscious of it and step into your rightful ownership of a courageous, limitless lifestyle that you've designed.

Details of the Course

Course date: Monday 16 May - Friday 20 May 2022

Where: Training will be run in a private Facebook Group, with daily live sessions. If you're unable to watch live, you'll be able to access the replays at any stage throughout the course, so you can watch in your own time, when best suits you. The group will remain open for one week following the completion of the course, for you to go back through any trainings you may want to listen to again, or to catch up on any you may have missed.

Live sessions will be approximately one hour each.

Outline of Sessions are as follows:

💎 Session 1: The Key to Creating all you Desire - what is it?

💎 Session 2: Awakening your Creative Genie - start becoming aware of your creative power.

💎 Session 3: The step by step process to creating the results your want

💎 Session 4: Uncovering the blocks that can hold you back and creating new empowered beliefs that will propel you forward

💎 Session 5: Overcoming fear to power your results and the ultimate tool that guarantees them

Through the learnings in this mini-course, you will get:

💎 A clearer understanding of your purpose and desires

💎 An understanding of how you have created your current results

💎 The process required for creating anything new - results you desire - (and the tools to do it for yourself)

💎 An insightful model that uncovers your unconscious blocks which hold you back from achieving the results you want, so you can bust through them

💎 Insight into fear, how it stops us and how to move through it, to take inspired action

💎 A closer connection to your intuitive self - the GPS for your highest good

💎 A complete understanding of all you need to start creating your life by design.

A guidebook is also provided, with a summary of each session, a note section and insight exercises, to support your learning and develop your personal creation process.

Investment: £199.00