Overcome self doubt, develop self belief, discover the Lioness within you...

You're driven, determined and capable. You're successful and have a life that you're happy with but there's something missing. It's always felt like there's more for you.

At times, you doubt yourself and your experience and ability to get the job done. In certain situations you lack confidence, you can procrastinate on things you know you should be doing and you can often overgive. Saying no feels awkward at times.

Sometimes you feel resentful about that. And unappreciated.

You're grateful for all you have and yet sometimes you feel like a leaf blowing in the wind - you ask yourself, "what do I really want?" That question is often met with more questions that ultimately end up in an "I'm not sure" or "I don't know".

You feel guilty at times, for wanting more.

Yet, you feel your heart is calling you to be more, that this isn't all life is about...there's so much more available.

Then you question yourself, "who am I to think like that" or "can I really do this" or "am I even on the right track with my business or career" or "have I got what it takes to create an extraordinary life"?!

Those familiar doubtful questions on repeat are repetitive and frustrating but they keep coming up.

The answer to all those questions is a resounding yes, who you are is infinitely capable.

This programme is designed for you:

  • To stop you asking those unhelpful questions about your capability

  • To kick you out of the feelings of stuckness, overwhelm and procrastination

  • To stop you from the toxic habit of comparing yourself to others

  • To help you unsettle your busy mind, frequently in worry

  • To help you get clear on what it is you REALLY want behind all the noise and start creating it

  • To remind you of the power within you

  • To align you with the source of your calm, clarity, strength and courage

  • And to help you see what's available for you, when you're living and creating from your 'Lioness'.

You have everything you need within you, right now, to fulfil your heart's desires...you're just looking in the wrong direction to see it.

I know you may not believe that right now…and I also know that somewhere deep down inside you, there is a flicker of knowing that this is possibly true. 

And I want to show you why that flicker is there, what it is and how to unlock this powerful force within you to help you create results from a place of calm, clarity and courage.


In 4 x 1hr zoom calls, you will discover:

  • The place where self belief flows from. Reconnecting to your inner qualities of calm, clarity, strength, resilience and intuition - knowing what to do next.

  • Getting clear on what is you REALLY want - release the frustrating questions of "what's my purpose" and "what do I want" - go beyond the goals and expectations. So you can start experiencing it for yourself, now.

  • Tapping into your source of 'Inner Power' - your Lioness - for more courage and confidence in daily situations

  • Can I really do this? Do I have it in me? Am I on the right track here? Seeing through the inner critic, procrastinator and obstacle maker for more clarity in the moment, belief in yourself and your ability to take action.

  • What's getting in your way/why is this not working? Uncovering unhelpful belief patterns from the past that are giving you your existing results and recreate new beliefs that support your growth and desires moving forward.

  • The Lioness checklist to support you after the programme is completed.

You're inner knowing is right, there is more for you. And it's time for you to expose the doubtful thoughts and inner obstacles that are holding you back and create from a place of confidence and power.


Details of the Course

Message for the next course start date.

  • Weekly zoom sessions
  • Approximately an hour per session
  • Max number of group participants = 8
  • Insight worksheets between sessions to cement learnings with your personal reflections