Living a Life being

'On Purpose'

Do you ever wonder what your purpose in life is?

I did. For years.

It used to keep me awake at night…I remember one time, around the age of 28, being on my knees in tears shouting to God, “if you’re there, show me what my (beep) purpose is?!”


I always had good jobs. I’d always enjoyed my work, the environments, the people I worked with but I was working in advertising and I always thought my purpose would be deeper than that. I felt my purpose was to be in service to others, in some meaningful way.

And one day - after about 10 years of asking myself that question - a thought pinged into my head. I’d been looking at it from an unhelpful perspective.

I was already ‘on purpose’. And had been all along.
As human beings we often make things that are simple, so very complex.
What I realised was that I loved my life. I used to get into work and be excited to be there and over the years I've had countless work colleagues coming up to me asking why I was so happy all the time, even first thing in the morning... (like that was some great miracle!)  My greatest compliment has always been people telling me I’m a joy to be around and that my bubbly personality was infectious.
I’ve been sending ripples of joy out into the world with my joyful enthusiasm for as long as I can remember. 
And that's when I realised I'd been living on purpose - even when I thought I hadn't.

Our purpose in life, is to be in joy.

To ‘en-joy’ each moment.

That’s it.
I know that may seem too simplistic for you but hear me's actually vitally crucial to the world balance.

Here’s why…

Everything is energy. (That’s basic science – see quantum physics). We are all energy. Vibrating at different frequencies.

The energy we vibrate at, draws to us more of the same energy.

We are Creators of our experience from moment to moment, through our thoughts and feelings, (also energy).

The feelings of joy, gratitude and love is the highest frequency we can be vibrating at.

And the energy we put out, we get back.

So, when we’re in a state of joy - we create more joy. Or what I call ‘abundance’ vibes. And that sends out energetic ripples or waves that can affect those around you.

This process occurs for any feeling state we’re in predominantly.
So, if you’re frequently in states of worry, fear, frustration or apathy, of those states, which gets sent out in ripples or waves that will affect those around you. These are what I call ‘lack’ vibes.

Checking in frequently on what you’re thinking and feeling, means you can start creating your days more consciously.

You can begin to affect the experiences (or feelings) you draw to you and can create more ‘feel good’ days and moments.

That’s why gratitude journals are useful. They get us single-pointed on things we’re grateful for, so we can get into the feeling of appreciation.

And create more feelings of gratitude and appreciation.

Such a powerful cycle to be aware of.
If each of us commits to a purposeful life of being ‘in joy’ – how we are designed, then we are not only experiencing the freedom and delight of living a joyful life, we’re sending our ripples of joy into the world, creating more joy and encouraging others to do the same. 
What a world that would be. You couldn’t have a more important (and fun) purpose!
This is the basis for my Conscious Creation Method which I use, alongside my Inside-Out method within my coaching framework, to help my clients uncover their inner fire and create their life by design. If you’d like to know more, message me and we can start a conversation