Unveil your Inner Sales Goddess

Do you feel like some days you’re rocking your business and then other days, you feel like you can’t rock your own chair?

Are you passionate about your vision and committed to serving your clients and making a huge impact in their world…but struggle to find clients?

When you finally get leads, do you face the same objections of: I can’t afford it right now, I don’t have the time right now or I’ll think about it?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing is working and some days you just feel exhausted and consider packing it all in?

A few years back I could have said ‘yes’ to all of the above. Despite my 20+ years of being in sales, I found ‘selling myself’ was a whole new ballgame that bought up a lot of self doubt, insecurity and fearful thinking which held me back.

The missing link between sales and consistent sales success

After studying psychology, which led me to then explore the energetics of selling and the psychology of selling, I realised that the missing link between sales and consistent sales success was understanding and applying the four pillars of sales – Energetics, Psychology, Strategy and Process.

Your energy introduces you before you even say hello and if your vibe is ‘off’, it’s going to damage your ability to connect and share with your prospect.

And what is one of the major influencers of energy?

Our psychology – your thoughts create your results. So there’s your foundation. If you don’t have a sales strategy and a process to carry it out, then your business growth will be compromised. And by the way, ‘wing and a prayer’ and ‘being the best kept secret in the business’ are still strategies…they’re just not very effective!

I help you uncover it, so you can shine fully in your own unique light to attract more clients and create the business, impact and income that your divinely deserve.

I know that every business woman with a passion and a purpose, has within them a Sales Goddess. 

I help you uncover it, so you can shine fully in your own unique light to attract more clients and create the business, impact and income that your divinely deserve.

Unveil Your Inner Sales Goddess

The Unsalesy Sales Academy

Learn to Love Selling And Attract Your 5* Clients

Let's face it - most people have a pretty negative take on sales and selling.

In the thousands of conversations I have, speaking with female business owners all over the world,

the feedback I generally get is, sales is: pushy, cringey, icky, uncomfortable, ‘not for me’. Then

there’s the self-doubt that comes with thinking your offer is too high, too low, not good enough

and worrying about whether you can deliver what you've promised to the client.

"Sales" gets a bad rap

Sales is the foundation of every business and it can also be one of the most beautiful aspects of

business if you understand the four pillars of selling and the essence of how it really works. (As

opposed to a common misunderstanding of sales).

You have a calling in your heart and you know it's what you're meant to be doing. But sometimes the frustration that it's not happening for you, or not happening fast enough, can be so great that it hurts.

And then the self doubt sets in ...

This programme, has been created with three important facts in mind, about you and your

vision. For you to realise:

  • The desires’ placed in your heart have been chosen for you - they are yours to fulfil
  • You have everything you need to bring your vision into your reality, your success is already written
  • You are the soul secret to your success AND you have the unique capacity to create your lifestyle by design

By the end of this programme you will

  • Be energetically aligned with your sales, financial and business goals; you already know there is a place for you in the marketplace. Now you’ll be ready to claim it and have a clear strategy and process to make it happen.
  • Target and replace limiting sales beliefs and rebuild a new and empowering perspective on selling – from a foundation that is natural and comfortable for you. So that you can learn to love selling, get excited by it, be fabulous at it and willingly engage in it!
  • Shift your perspective and relationship with money. Open yourself up to increase your earning capacity, to receive abundantly and get paid what you’re worth, consistently.
  • Be heart aligned with your 5* clients and your message so you can powerfully connect with them, draw them to you and impact their world.
  • Learn how to detect self-doubt so it doesn’t stop you, block you or hold you back from creating the impact you desire and taking consistent action.
  • Be grounded in the certainty that your business success is inevitable and you are the Creator of your business and lifestyle by design
  • Feel more in tune with your intuitive self – the one that already knows all there is and the fastest, most efficient route for you to attract opportunities, clients, money and your heart’s desires.
  • Unveil your Inner Sales Goddess, quietly waiting within, with a passion to make a difference and the courage to set your 5* clients' world on fire
  • Develop the Energetics of Selling - how to sell naturally and comfortably so that you can start winning an abundance of 5* clients, grow your business and create the lifestyle and freedom you desire.


energetics of selling

We explore the importance of energy and

how to use your personal energy to

become magnetic at sales and attract

your 5* clients that want to work with you.

Week 1:

Defining your Dream. What are the

specifics of the outcome you want for

your business? Learn to create an

energetic alignment with a powerful

process that will bring your dream into

your reality.

Week 2:

We look at the two sides of your mind: the

side where self doubt, procrastination,

fearful thinking and perfectionism comes

from and the side of your Inner Goddess,

who already knows what you want and

need. We look at how to tap into your

Goddess guidance system more to

access the ideas and clarity you need to

take action.

Week 3:

Money affects every area of our lives and

has a big influence on our energy. We

examine your money stories, which are

influencing your current results and

upgrade your money consciousness to be

aligned with your goals and the fees you


psychology of sales

Our mind is far more powerful than we

know. We're creating our reality and our

results from moment to moment and

mostly, we’re totally unaware of it. We

take a look at the mechanics of Thought,

the story that's got you where you are

today and create the story that's going to

build your 'tomorrow'.

Week 4:

We start to uncover what you think about

sales, you and sales, your offer and how

that is currently impacting your energy

and your results. Start to see sales from a

fresh perspective - one of service - which

will change your feelings, behaviour and

actions toward it. Develop powerful,

connected relationships that incite

collaboration, friendships AND sales!

Week 5:

What is self-doubt, what are the many

masks it shows up as to trick us into not

taking action, how do we detect it and

overcome it so we can take consistent,

courageous action.

Week 6:

We explore the 5 most common limiting

sales beliefs that consistently stop people

from connecting, getting visible, following

up and selling naturally. So they won't

take you down!

strategy of sales

There is a market out there for everybody.

If you have been given a purpose, if you

have something to say and a gift to share,

then there are people that NEED to hear

it. We get into the details of who you’re

targeting, what their ONE problem is and

what solution you’re offering that will

speak to them AND, most importantly, we

ensure you’re energetically aligned to

create this powerful match.

Week 7:

We look at the MPP triangle – what do you

love and what do you excel at (passion),

what does the world need, (mission), what

can you get paid the most for,

(profession).This was the process I used to

uncover my niche, my ideal clients and my

programmes (offer)

Week 8:

We look at our 5* clients. Who are they

and what do they need? Where are the

gaps between existing clients and 5*

clients. Create your 5* Client Prospectus,

so you can be crystal clear on who you

need to be targetting - whatever you

focus your energy and attention on

becomes your reality.

Week 9:

Develop your Positioning Statement that

speaks to the heart of your potential

clients and gets them curious – a powerful

lead generator to draw your 5* clients to


process of sales

You’ve set up a potent foundation, ready

to move the hearts and minds of your 5*

clients. Now we learn a six-step sales

process that will help you connect and

engage with them, build opportunities,

maximise conversions and create the

business, impact and income you desire.

Week 10:

How to generate leads naturally, in your

own style and create a living pipeline of

opportunities with your 5* clients. Learn

to guide your prospects through a sales

conversation, with a 6 step process, so

they can make an informed, empowered


Week 11:

Learning the value in ‘No’ and in being

given objections. Learn to understand the

real objection so you can empower your

client to say yes to themselves...AND you!

Week 12:

The Ultimate Sales Secret that very few

people know about or talk about but is

the key in becoming magnetic at drawing

your 5* clients to you; The Law of



"Claire has a lovely engaging coaching style. She also has a wealth of knowledge, experience and insights around sales and I would highly recommend her Sales Academy training. She takes you through the energetics, psychology, strategy and process of sales, demystifying the subject, removing the cringe factor and helping you uncover blocks and overcome doubts. I have come away with so much more confidence and self belief. Thank you Claire! If you are looking to increase your clients and positive impact I would highly recommend getting in touch with Claire"


"Giving. Caring. Passionate." That's how I'd describe Claire's service. Claire is the most generous coach I've encountered in my ten years of experience working with counsellors and coaches. She listened and offered guidance before I opened my wallet. I was suffering alone in silence when Claire reached out. Contemplated giving up. After attending Claire's "Turning Self Doubt into Sales" course, Claire became the sun behind the haze and lifted a big confusing cloud out of me that had permeated in other areas of my life. I am fortunate to have Claire as part of my power team now.  "


Your time is NOW

Learn to stop fearing sales, step into your calling and serve your

5* clients with grounded certainty in your success

Feel confident while creating a living pipeline of

potential clients

Work with amazing clients who you love, who love you

and rave about you and your service to others

Create the impact you desire

Make a difference - with your clients' and to yourself

Live your purpose

Create wealth, freedom and your life by design




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