Despite what you're telling yourself right now.

Selling is simply solving another person’s issues. Something you already naturally do.

Get ready to crush comfort zones, overthrow self-doubt and rewire your relationship with sales and yourself!

I’d been in sales in the corporate world for over 20 years

I’d been in sales in the corporate world for over 20 years – 8 of those were leading and coaching sales teams. 

I started my career in New Zealand, working for a local newspaper group, selling advertising. Within three years of working with them, I was promoted to managing the third largest newspaper in the group. 

By this stage, the feeling of not knowing what I was doing, that I was ‘winging it’ and was just getting lucky, was becoming very familiar.

When I was approached by the General Manager to put me on a Leadership fast track programme, I remember thinking, “what does he see in me?”

As my career progressed, so did my self doubt. Externally, my success was demonstrated with promotions, salary increases and larger budget/team responsibilities but none of these were enough evidence for me to see that my talent and skillset was valued and valuable. 

See you later, imposter syndrome

I remember regularly feeling like I was a fraud and when the day comes that I’m found out, it’s going to be a mighty and humiliating ‘fall from grace’. 

You would never have known this about me if you’d met me. Outwardly I appeared confident while inwardly, at times, I felt like I was treading water to keep myself from drowning.

In 2015 I started a Psychology Course with the Conscious Leadership School where we dived deep into how our mind works, the Nature of Thought and its relationship with our emotions, behaviour, actions and ultimately our results. It was the first time I’d heard the term ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and in that year I learned to overcome it through further understanding of how our psychological system works. 

I woke up to my full potential and felt free from the weight of self doubt that had overshadowed me for so long. 

I was so fascinated by this understanding and at the same time deeply sorrowful for the inner turmoil I’d created over the years, simply because I was unaware of my mental processes. 

I reflected on how many others’ were going through their own inner challenges, successful but never recognising it or enjoying it, always doubting themselves and therefore holding themselves back from their own pure potential and living their life by design. 

So I started my own coaching business, at the same time moved into a consulting role and continuing my studies with the advanced programme at Conscious Leadership School.

That was six years ago and now my business is dedicated to supporting female entrepreneurs, who have a passion and a gift to impact others but also have a deep discomfort and doubt when it comes to sales, showing up and sharing their message.

I help them overcome their self doubt and insecurities, learn a new perspective of sales that helps them move from awkward to empowered selling, so they can comfortably and naturally shine their light in the world and create the business, impact and income that they desire. 


"Claire is a complete joy to work with and I can’t recommend her highly enough! She instantly makes you feel grounded with her thoughtful sessions and unfailing positive energy and support. The course was packed with transformative insights. I would recommend anyone struggling with self-doubt and Sales to partner with her immediately!"


"When you’re blaming yourself for just not getting it, when you’ve done all the training, read a ton of books and you know deep down inside there is still a missing link you can’t put your finger on…? Claire for sure has the answer. Her course for turning self doubt was my missing link! What she explains is what my brain needed and boy did it soak it up! It’s the start of a new journey for me and my business, fresh thinking is always available and Claire will show you how. Just chat to Claire and feel it out for yourself. "



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