What Clients Say...

"Claire’s course and training was a completely fresh, new way of looking at things. I have never thought about selling in the way she teaches it. There are some fundamentally huge learnings in this course about our thinking and behaviours, which can be applied to everything in our lives, not just selling and business. Claire’s style is infectiously positive, fun and encouraging at every state. I would highly recommend this course."

Josie H-C

"I started following Claire on LinkedIn and absolutely loved her vibe. After a phone conversation with her, I decided on a whim to join her sales mastery course and I am SO GLAD I did!! Claire is a master at helping you take control of the ridiculous stories in your head (see ya later imposter syndrome) to start taking meaningful action in your business and seeing results. I can not recommend her enough – if you are feeling stuck on the sale front in your business right now, seek her out, she will take excellent care of you!"

Sarah C

"I knew I had to make changes I just didn’t know how to settle my crippling self doubt and imposter syndrome around sales and I thought I was ‘broken’. By working with Claire for about 2 weeks she helped me to gain a sense of freedom from my thoughts and wellbeing that I have never experienced. I am a different person and I can’t believe the change. So if your ready to make changes to improve yourself then you need to get in touch with her she is amazing!"

Helen T

"When you’re blaming yourself for just not getting it, when you’ve done all the training, read a ton of books and you know deep down inside there is still a missing link you can’t put your finger on…? Claire for sure has the answer. Her course for turning self doubt was my missing link! What she explains is what my brain needed and boy did it soak it up! It’s the start of a new journey for me and my business, fresh thinking is always available and Claire will show you how. Just chat to Claire and feel it out for yourself."

Lucy W

"Claire is so powerful in helping you realize your limitations exist really only in your mind. I was dealing with a nasty bout of imposter syndrome and Claire helped me see my beliefs about inadequacy are simply thoughts that I was having; this was a party of one, and I was the only one dancing. As soon as I shifted my mindset to see these beliefs as thoughts, not accurate depictions of reality – the landscape shifted. Things became so much clearer for me, and I was able to more fully step into my professional power. Thank you, Claire."

Juliana S

I recently worked with Claire to resolve the anxiety and insomnia I was experiencing over the past year. I was able to explore a new way of thinking about my problems – or what I perceived to be my problems!

Claire really helped. She was able to demonstrate how my individual circumstances and how the way I had been thinking previously was at the least, not helpful and at times was probably actually exacerbating the issues."



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