Do you know your positioning statement?

I was at an online networking event the other day and it still surprises me the number of people that aren’t clear about their positioning statement; who they help and what problem they solve, when introducing themselves and their business.

One chap spent five minutes,  pitching to the room...and lost everyone.

When someone asks you the question “what do you do”? How do you respond? Are you memorable? Or is your answer hazy, confusing, full of your own personal buzzwords and leaves them thinking what just happened?

I used to say that I helped people wake up to who they truly are and what they’re capable of behind their limited thinking.  I mean...what does that even mean?!

Cue important question to ask yourself with regarding to the problem you solve: do people lie awake at night and say to themselves, “I wish I knew who I truly was"? I think we all know the answer to that. Not on your nelly. 🤣

Here’s a few questions to consider, when coming up with your answer:


💎 Who do you serve?

💎 What problem do you solve for them?

💎 What will be the difference they’ll rave about after working with you?

💎 What’s unique about working with you?

💎 How do you make yourself memorable?


I help female business owners overcome their fear and self doubt with the sales process and learn to sell naturally in their own style, with confidence so they can attract their 5* clients and grow their business and impact.


So...what do you do?

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